Moving into a new home or deciding to rent is an exciting time, but stress can rear its ugly head. Don’t despair. If you decided to do it yourself, asking friends ahead of time for some help or hire and supervise professionals. 

The Beginning:
Start early!
I can't stress this enough. Research moving companies and ask friends about their experiences.

Hire a professional moving company or if you're doing it yourself, reserve a moving truck. Note weekends and month ends are more expensive and a lot busier. Be sure to ask for all estimates to be emailed to you or in writing, including complete details of cost breakdown along with their complete contract details. Book one or two months in advance.

No sense moving what you do not need. Go through your home and determine what you want to keep and what you want to throw out or donate.
Make a list of items that need packing with moving instructions - computers, china, TV's, etc.)

Order boxes and moving supplies; packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper and stock up on newspaper, strong boxes etc.  Be sure to clearly label and or number your boxes, as you will appreciate that later on.
If you have an insurance moving claim, I strongly suggest you make a movie or pictures of all your belongings and  write up a value of each item.

Remember to do a change of address form at your post office.
Inform companies and institutions of your new address:
-Cable, Internet and phone providers
-Insurance companies
-Hydro and utility companies
-Credit card companies
-Doctor and dentist offices
-Any subscriptions you may have
-Some companies offer a change of information online.

2 Weeks Before Moving Day
Confirm your reservations with your movers or truck rental company.

1 Week Before Moving Day
Most of your major packing should be done one week before moving day.

Set aside the items of importance that you wish to transport to your new home in your vehicle - jewellery,  passports, etc.

A Few Days Before Moving Day
Reconfirm your moving truck time of arrival or call your  truck rental company to reconfirm.

Remember to give your cell phone number to your movers and ask for theirs.
Pack a travel bag with the items your family may need on moving day such as tooth brushes, change of clothing, medications, hair bushes, soap, toilet paper, paper plates cups, etc.

Finally Moving Day has Arrived:
Take a picture of your Hydro and Gas metre readings for both homes in case there are any problems down the line.

It’s best to be present when the moving truck is loaded and unloaded, as your movers may have questions.
Take the time to do a thorough inspection of all your belongings before the movers leave and take pictures of any damage with a write-up and if possible have the movers sign your notes.